Asthma breathing exercises


Asthma Breathing exercises

The story of Aharon and his asthma.

asthma breathing therapy

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‘The air is free!’

I met Aharon in Kumily, Kerala. For 6 weeks I was researching and studying the relationship of breath and movement. I offered Breathing therapy to the community, and found a flow of waiters from Chrissie’s Hotel, where I was staying.

‘Aharon was very keen to try a new approach to his breathing as his asthma was very bad and he was at a low point emotionally, with no long term solution to his breathing problems.’

We started Breathing sessions straight away, daily, for a minimum of 1 hour, also experimenting with various exercises to open up the chest to help the breathing process.

I found that Aharon was breathing with his upper chest muscles and was quite stiff around his shoulders and neck with tension. I used a lot of acupressure to release his jaw and shoulders. At the same time I gave him personal and relevant affirmations for him; for example ‘it’s safe to feel my feelings’ and ‘it’s safe to express how I feel’.

As well as breath sessions, I also coached Aharon with dedicated reflection time after breathing, regarding his understanding and expression of his emotions, allowing the truth of how he was feeling to be communicated in a way that was comfortable and authentic for him.

He said that his anger and frustration along with his short temper changed for the better after the breath sessions.

On the 6th Breath session there was a shift from Aharon’s upper chest breath to a diaphragmatic belly breath which really changed his breathing, increasing his available respiratory volume.

Over the 6 weeks there was a gradual shift from a daily facilitated breathing session to Aharon breathing on his own and getting used to a regular breath practice.

He was a great example to his fellow waiters at the hotel and also for guests who he told his story to. Chrissie, the co-owner of the
Chrissie’s Hotel, was amazed to see her staff lining up for Inspirational Breathing sessions, some made it to the yoga studio too!

Postscript: Not long after I left Kumily I received a video clip from Aharon doing a headstand in the yoga room. It was such a gift – a yoga pose that he said he would never be able to achieve! His practice carries on . . .

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