Breath training

Becoming more self-aware
of your breathing is a wonderful
gift to yourself

Breath training with Inspirational Breathing techniques


‘Thank you so much Nicola for a wonderful course. It feels so valuable to have tangible skills to deal with and work through emotions and to let go of old patterns once and for all. The work you do is beyond amazing. I am so grateful to have met you. Thank you’

Foundation Course Schedule    

Rottingdean, Brighton

12th – 16th November 2018 (Mens only group)

19th – 23rd May 2019  (Women only group)


India, Goa

8th – 12th January 2019 (Women only group)

8th – 12th February 2019 (Mens only group)

Foundation Course Investment:

£550 Non Residential (Brighton)

£550 Non Residential (Goa)




Rottingdean, Brighton | May – Sept 2018 *FULL*

21st – 25th May

23rd – 24th June

14th – 15th July

1st – 2nd Sept 

Rottingdean, Brighton | September 2018

24th – 28th September

25th – 30th October  

India, Goa | January – February 2019

18th – 23rd January

29th January – 2nd February   

Rottingdean, Brighton | May 2019

6th – 10th May

23rd – 28th June 

Graduate Programme Investment

£1,520 (without personal session)

£1,760 (with personal session)



Step 1 Foundation Programme

Outcome: To learn the tools and techniques of Inspirational Breathing and develop a self sufficient breathing practice.

Weekly – Half day per week for seven weeks
Five day workshop
30 hours of training

An exploration of your breath and learning the tools that will open the respiratory system up to a full flowing powerful healing breath.

Discover the route to your individual ‘holding on’ patterns to navigate and allow the release of trauma and blocked emotions at a cellular level by:The whole brain approach, ‘top down – bottom up’ addressing the needs of:
  1. The cognitive brain understanding your moods and linked behaviour and the impact they have
  2. The limbic emotional brain, grappling with and navigating your personal emotions
  3. The reptilian brain which needs breath, touch and movement to clear trauma
  • The conscious connected breath
  • Touch and mapping your body to discover what is typically stored and where
  • Sound healing and toning with the healing vibration of Tibetan Bowls
  • Movement and where appropriate, linking it to toning and touch
  • Affirmations to switch negative beliefs to the positive during a receptive alpha brain wave state
Why – The Benefits & Outcome:
This is an opportunity to be self sufficient in navigating the power of your breath. You will be able to safely complete a one hour breathing session for yourself, knowing the tools and understanding your own blocks and patterns to create space for the ‘wonderful what might be’s’ in life.
A typical day 
10am – 12.30pm Morning teaching, discussion, sharing
12.30pm – 1.30pm Delicious healthy lunch
1.30pm – 2.30pm Coaching sharing time – this is the cognitive bit!
2.30pm – 3.00pm Reflection time
3.00pm – 4.30pm Breathing session
4.30pm – 5.00pm Sharing time
This course is about creating a nurturing environment.  There is time for deep listening and understanding of your body’s wisdom, with a willingness to receive; responding with love, respect and with your newly discovered Inspirational Breathing tools.
To discuss details and reserve your place please contact me

Step 2 Graduate Programme


Having completed the Foundation course, the next step is to be lead by the desire to share the breathwork with family and friends and clients.

The 11 day programme (77 hours) builds on the personal experience and knowledge gained in the Foundation.

  1. An understanding of all the tools and how and when to apply them
  2. Creating the safe client environment
  3. Supporting the client emotionally and physically
  4. Building your own breathing practice – this is essential. As a practitioner it is imperative that your own breathwork experience supports you and the work you do. It’s called ‘walking the talk’
Each individual will bring their own life skills; which are acknowledged in the training programme. Depending on group requirements, extra sessions can include:
  1. Setting up your business
  2. Coaching and supporting the client
  3. Sharpening up any aspect of the skill set required
The purpose of the course is to prepare and qualify to become a Practitioner in Inspirational Breathing. A period of time completing family and friends case studies are required before new client case study work.There is a practical session to complete before the Practitioner is ready to fly free.There is no requirement to be part of Inspirational Breathing, as skills can be taken and adapted to suit each individual’s needs and life experience/work.

Breath training with Inspirational Breathing – your qualification pathway…

This is just the beginning! We have 4 Graduates who completed their programme in May 2015.

In addition to this we have a far reaching plan which will be implemented in the fullness of time.

Please let us know if you are considering joining the Foundation programme.

‘I enjoyed the whole experience. The theory and practice worked well and was presented in a very professional and sensitive way. Nicola is a joy to be with and communicates her huge energy to everyone in the room at all times.’
Jim Patterson-Vanegas

Email Nicola for details

‘I started on my breathing journey in 2013, it was pure coincidence that I met Nicola at Breakfast party just before my 50th birthday. I had decided to take a sabbatical and step off to have a look where I was at in my work and life. As an Acting and Performance Coach and Trainer, I thought I knew the importance and value of breathing, but the first breath session I had in Rottingdean with Nicola opened up something very new, fundamental and powerful. I knew that it was a journey that I wanted and needed to go on and so I signed up for The Foundation and Graduate Programmes. Breath work continues to provide me with riches every day. It is, for me about being in the moment and trusting that you can be completely present. Nicola is an extrordinary woman, a wonderful guide and teacher as well as an inspirational human being to have in your life!’
Pat O’Toole

‘Nicola is passionate, knowledgeable, supportive and kind. You could not ask for a better teacher. Inspirational breathing is a safe and gentle tool for shifting / releasing blocked energy and emotions and enabling us to live as our most authentic selves. Despite the deep level of release taking place over the year long training at all times I felt safe and supported.. This work really does change lives!’
Emma Hiwaizi

Step 3 Master Practitioner


  • To deepen own breathing practice and client base practice
  • To contribute research/writing to breathing community
  • To enable to train the foundation programme


Mentoring and observation for 1 year.

Step 4 Stand and deliver – Train the trainer!

Outcome: To independently run Inspirational Breathing workshops


  • Successful completion of graduate programme
  • Minimum hands on facilitator for 6 Inspirational Breathing workshops
  • Observation and mentoring

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