Tula Massage

The ‘Tula Touch’ in combination with Inspirational Breathing

I experienced a Tulamassage by Louka Leppard in May 2015. It was such an incredible experience I asked if I could train to learn how to work with the body in such a rewarding way. The training was an October start and I launched with the intention of learning to serve the breathwork with the depth of knowledge of the ‘Tula Touch’. I had a feeling that this could be a great combination with the power of breathing.

I qualified on May 16th having completed 50 case studies. My experience of the breathwork and Tula combination is of a perfect fit; increasing the power of the work and really getting even more of a result. As it is said – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It has shown me the effectiveness of preparing in such a way with Tulamassage, the mind letting go and experiencing a deep level of presence and physical attention in preparation for the breathwork.

Watch this demonstrates of Louka giving a Tulamassage to see what what I am talking about!

Inspirational Breathing and Tulamassage combination


Inspirational Breathing and Tulamassage combination:

This is what beauty therapist Michelle Sawyer from Rocksea Beauty, Brighton, said about her experience of Inspirational Breathing and Tulamassage combination:

‘I’m lost for words. I totally loved the treatment. Beautiful loving massage. Intimate without being uncomfortable – the intention is love, warmth and nurturing. Naturally got the touch. Best massage experience ever!’ Michelle Sawyer

Inspirational Breathing Programme for Spring 2017


Inspirational Breathing Programme for Spring 2017

The next Inspirational Breathing Graduate Programme has a new start date of Spring 2017. If you are interested in learning about Inspirational Breathing you can make a start with the reading/research list to begin a great foundation of knowledge. Please email nicola@inspirationalbreathing.com for details if this is of interest to you.

‘As an Acting and Performance Coach and Trainer, I thought I knew the importance and value of breathing, but the first breath session I had in Rottingdean with Nicola opened up something very new, fundamental and powerful. I knew that it was a journey that I wanted and needed to go on and so I signed up for The Foundation and Graduate Programmes. Breath work continues to provide me with riches every day. It is, for me about being in the moment and trusting that you can be completely present. Nicola is an extrordinary woman, a wonderful guide and teacher as well as an inspirational human being to have in your life!’Pat O’Toole

‘Nicola is passionate, knowledgeable, supportive and kind. You could not ask for a better teacher. Inspirational Breathing is a safe and gentle tool for shifting/releasing blocked energy and emotions and enabling us to live as our most authentic selves. Despite the deep level of release taking place over the year long training at all times I felt safe and supported. This work really does change lives!’Emma Hiwaizi

‘Inspirational Breathing is both profound as well as endlessly surprising in what it reveals as well as heals. It travels beyond all other breathing techniques. It’s not just the release of trauma, but the release of joy. It’s not just passive or dynamic; it’s both, and it’s a lot more. The process is challenging, yet major shifts of awareness and self-understanding are the reward. It is more far-reaching (as well as rational) than the other various breathing practices I have experienced/researched. It is a remarkable journey for those who not only wish to explore, but to obtain confidence is delivering the same to others.’Mark Rowden

Inspirational Breathing Graduate Training Programme 2015


New Inspirational Breathing Graduate Practitioners 2015

We have 4 graduates that finished the Inspirational Breathing Practitioner course this year. It was heart warming to see their progression and now so very exciting to have their gifts to share in our community. It was perfect timing for me as I was a case study for 10 sessions with Emma who helped me though the worst of my chemotherapy; hard core help that was such a gift, fast tracking me though the side effects. Truly inspiring.

Inspirational Breathing Graduates

2015 Inspirational Breathing Graduates, from left to right: Mark Rowden, Emma Hiwaizi, (Nicola Price), Ann Coxhead, Pat O’Toole.

Free Inspirational Breathing meditation


Inspirational Breathing meditation audio


Inspirational Breathing meditation audio by Nicola Price and Rob Jenkins

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Breathing tips


Breathing tips

Top tips for a healthy free-flowing breath

Find out how by clicking on the icons below…

Make sure your inhale travels firstly right down to your lower belly

From there, feel the whole of your respiratory system in action, so you can feel movement right up to your collar bone. Make sure you have a diaphragmatic breath. That means you use your diaphragm, which is your primary breathing muscle, not your chest muscles which are your secondary breathing muscles. (Asthmatics can tend to be chest breathers.)

Relax your jaw

Many people have so much tension in their jaw that it impedes their breathing. (Do you grind your teeth at night?) EXERCISEMassage your jaw as you open and close your mouth wide. Feel the tension and observe the painful areas, relaxing them as you massage.

Let go of any control on your exhale

You don’t need to control your breath. For example, observe how a baby breathes.

Asthma breathing exercises


Asthma Breathing exercises

The story of Aharon and his asthma.

asthma breathing therapy

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‘The air is free!’