What is Inspirational Breathing?

Inspirational Breathing creates a safe environment to release any layers of pain and confusion and find the joy, laughter and bliss that are waiting to be discovered.

What can you expect in any one session?

A practitioner guides you through the chatter of your mind into the sublime healing of the present moment.

Inspirational Breathing uses a powerful mix of tools and techniques to encourage a free-flowing breath using the whole of the respiritory system.

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The power of breathwork starts with a conscious connected breath...

through the mouth without a pause between the inhale and the exhale. The exhale is relaxed and there is a ratio of a count of two on the inhale and one on the exhale. This ratio ensures there is no hyperventilation and the body is filled with life affirming energy to heal.

Touch similar to acupressure helps to release emotions/blockages at a cellular level

Candice Pert, the author of Molecules of Emotion, was the first scientist to demonstrate that emotion is held at a cellular level. The fascia in the body is the 3-D spider web of biological fabric that holds us together. It is also a repository for unwanted emotions stuffed down by the breath in moments of needing to be in control.

Toning and sound healing

This is very effective for choosing a powerful vibration and clearing the energy channels through the body’s chakras.

Movement, intuitive or spontaneous, by the client or carefully guided by the practitioner...

is useful in the whole process of expanding the respiratory system, opening releasing and facilitating the letting go of tension in the body.


In the form of electric rugs, warm belly bags, hot stones can sometimes be used to release tension before and during the use of touch.

Positive affirmations and visualisation

As the mind is in an alpha brain wave state, positive suggestions are given to help clear unwanted behaviour and encourage new positive ways of being. It can also be helpful to use visualisation to reinforce wanted possibilities.

Inspirational Breathing fully opens up the respiratory system (sometimes for the first time ever) and floods the body with life-affirming energy.

Complete present awareness – how easy is this for you?

To stay present is one of the most challenging aspects of Breathwork for many people. The crazy constant of the busy mind can be guided into the only real time; the present moment. Here the intimate connection, listening to the physical and emotional messages that are so often ignored, can be heard and felt. The gift of a deeper understanding of oneself awaits here, along with the healing of the next layer of whatever no longer serves you that is ready to be released.

ExerciseListen to the free audio, with the intention of deepening the connection with your physical body, stay present, with your attention, observing what is happening at a physical level. Then repeat this exercise with the intention of deepening the connection with your emotional being. Explore the difference between the two exercises. If you are ready now for the grand finale … for more discovery, combine both the physical and emotional connection with yourself whilst listening for the third time. Enjoy this deep exploration of yourself, for yourself.

‘A total release and relief. I felt empowered breathing in a circular motion without anxiety. For once I was in my body and not my head. I felt grounded and inner strength with having my feet touched at the end. I suffer with anxiety and it has stopped me from doing things. I have had to take time off work. I'm very grateful, thank you.’
Holistic Lounge

‘The reorganisation of breathing alone succeeds only to the degree that we succeed indirectly in improving the organisation of the skeletal muscles for better standing and better movement.’
Moshe Feldenkrais