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‘I went to see Nicola after a particularly bad bronchitis infection and having being told I may have asthma; thinking that her therapy was purely physical and would enable me to recover fully and quickly. How wrong I was. Her breathing therapy reaches into the depths of heart and soul as well as the physical. The extraordinary discoveries, healing and insights I have had whilst working with her are difficult to write about. It is such an experiential process that I feel I need another language in order to communicate the depths we go to. I am only seven sessions in and I am already physically much stronger but the real work and gifts come from the emotional and energetic insights I have received. Nicola works intuitively which suits me well. She knows in the moment which part of the body needs attention, what will release a block, bring insights, strengthen the physical body, bring out emotions and calm a fear or panic that might arise. Just by breathing in this particular way with her support, one can move through difficult emotional situations, find one’s joy and life force, heal oneself physically, mentally, emotionally and attune to the souls path. Each person’s experience will be individual and completely different to another’s. I cannot recommend her highly enough.’
Katy Holford