Inspirational Breathing Programme for Spring 2017


Inspirational Breathing Programme for Spring 2017

The next Inspirational Breathing Graduate Programme has a new start date of Spring 2017. If you are interested in learning about Inspirational Breathing you can make a start with the reading/research list to begin a great foundation of knowledge. Please email for details if this is of interest to you.

‘As an Acting and Performance Coach and Trainer, I thought I knew the importance and value of breathing, but the first breath session I had in Rottingdean with Nicola opened up something very new, fundamental and powerful. I knew that it was a journey that I wanted and needed to go on and so I signed up for The Foundation and Graduate Programmes. Breath work continues to provide me with riches every day. It is, for me about being in the moment and trusting that you can be completely present. Nicola is an extrordinary woman, a wonderful guide and teacher as well as an inspirational human being to have in your life!’Pat O’Toole

‘Nicola is passionate, knowledgeable, supportive and kind. You could not ask for a better teacher. Inspirational Breathing is a safe and gentle tool for shifting/releasing blocked energy and emotions and enabling us to live as our most authentic selves. Despite the deep level of release taking place over the year long training at all times I felt safe and supported. This work really does change lives!’Emma Hiwaizi

‘Inspirational Breathing is both profound as well as endlessly surprising in what it reveals as well as heals. It travels beyond all other breathing techniques. It’s not just the release of trauma, but the release of joy. It’s not just passive or dynamic; it’s both, and it’s a lot more. The process is challenging, yet major shifts of awareness and self-understanding are the reward. It is more far-reaching (as well as rational) than the other various breathing practices I have experienced/researched. It is a remarkable journey for those who not only wish to explore, but to obtain confidence is delivering the same to others.’Mark Rowden

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