Breath Pattern Analysis

Becoming more self-aware
of your breathing is a wonderful
gift to yourself

Find out what your breath says about you

Breath Pattern Analysis

It is very rare to find someone with a free full flowing breath. (Lilly is the nearest, a lovely lady of 86, living in a nursing home!)

Click below for examples:


…usually have a great inhale but a very controlled exhale.

Stressed and depressed people

…can tend to have an exaggerated exhale.

Super achievers

…typically breathe into their mid-belly (the people that think they have to do it perfectly and typically can’t delegate).

... and some people

…never breathe bellow their navel and others never above their solar plexus.

These patterns of breathing can all be changed and improved enabling you to access more energy and support the full functioning of the body.

For example, if you are breathing only into your upper chest, you might suffer from asthma or digestive problems.

What will I learn?

Find out what your breath says about you. Discover the places where the breath is shut down or constricted and find ways to encourage a full flowing healthy breath.

What to expect

  • Breath Pattern Analysis takes approximately 20 minutes.
  • A lying down position is suggested, one that is tailored for your particular breathing pattern to be improved.
  • The first step is to understand your own breathing pattern and how to change it.
  • You will be encouraged to start a regular breathing practice. (One sit up never did much for a six pack!) ‘Little and often in a conscious state is the key’. Regular retraining is the most effective way of creating positive change.

The outcome

It is possible to re-train the breath so that it functions freely even in times of stress.

Why is this being offered?

‘At the 2013 Glastonbury festival I was one of 3 Breathing Facilitators who saw 134 people … and their breathing patterns! Giving positive suggestions for improvement to re-train their breath was most rewarding. The feedback was so positive.’
Nicola Price

What they said after a 20-minute
session at The Curious Arts Festival

Tammy Brennan

‘A new way forward for me.’
Ursula Staszynski

‘Truly phenomenal. Can’t remember the last time I smiled this big!’
Rory Steel

‘Wonderful, extraordinary insight – and inspiration.’
Jan Maitland

‘Amazing experience in such a short time!’
Patricia Hampel

‘Just brilliant. Hopefully, life changing!’
Elizabeth MacNeal

‘Something I’d never thought of before.’
Leila Levy Gale

If you have had a breathing session, breath pattern analysis – here is a reminder of the steps for you take!