Breathing demonstrations

Becoming more self-aware
of your breathing is a wonderful
gift to yourself

It turned out that none of us were breathing optimally!

The power of breathing – a breathing demonstration

A review of an Inspirational Breathing demonstration by Dr Jelena Nesic Goranovic of HOVE STRESSBUSTERS.

Dr Jelena Nesic Goranovic of HOVE STRESSBUSTERS

Dr Jelena Nesic Goranovic

We all breathe – not much of a big deal! But the truth is that most of us don’t breathe to our full capacity and research suggests that the consequences of this sub-optimal breathing are manifold. In her informative talk and breathing demonstration, Nicola Price, the founder of the Inspirational Breathing approach, introduced us to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of breathing and the healing potential of breathwork.

By performing a breath pattern analysis on a volunteer, Nicola made us aware of the different breathing ‘issues’ that all of us display. Turned out that none of us were breathing optimally!

Quite a few people were actually breathing just from the top of their chest, hardly using even 50% of their lungs… that can’t be good! The essence of Inspirational Breathing is practising the so-called ‘baby breath’ or continuous diaphragmatic breath. Learning how to breathe in this fashion and practising it regularly, would enable us to connect to our body, release repressed and suppressed emotions, enhance our mood and also raise the vibration of energy enabling us to achieve higher consciousness.

At first, trying to do this ‘breathing meditation’ proved to be quite difficult… it just doesn’t come naturally: we’re used to pausing between breaths and to breathing through our nose (breathing through the mouth can be somewhat challenging).

But then Nicola got us to do something none of us were expecting: she got us to stretch and dance to some irresistible music.

Just two minutes of bouncing about the room were enough to raise our spirits and make the subsequent breathing meditation so much easier and more natural. Nicola’s unique combination of movement, stretching and breathing meditation – what she calls Yogagroov – is really an ideal way to introduce people to the power of breathing: an opportunity to explore the breath and discover where the physical and emotional resistance lies… and have loads of fun along the way!

Inspirational Breathing reviewed by

Dr Jelena Nesic Goranovic

Experimental Psychologist, Co-Founder and Programme Director

@ INNERNATION Coaching & Development.