One-to-one breathing

Becoming more self-aware
of your breathing is a wonderful
gift to yourself

One-to-One breathing

This is an opportunity to be be guided every breath of the way!

Many people have never had such attentiveness for themselves. It’s a big deal, one that is typically different every time, so it is helpful to have no expectations of a particular outcome. This is important as, during the breathing session, a state of mind that is analysing, comparing or anticipating is pure distraction. The guidance of a practitioner really helps with this state of ‘no mind’ and to be able to be present in the moment, for the magic to happen!

It is ideal to book a series of sessions. Especially if there is a pattern of avoidance. Some people have regular sessions as part of their ongoing self-care. It will make a big difference to progress if sessions are combined with a daily breathing practice.

‘I feel I haven’t breathed properly since I was born.’

Preparing for your breathing session

For optimum results, drink plenty of water 3 days preceding your session and stay as clear as possible avoiding processed foods caffeine and alcohol. Dress comfortably avoiding any tight or restrictive clothing, no belt or a top with a long zip down the front.

Ladies, please do not wear lipstick and avoid makeup and nail varnish if you possibly can. Please remove as much jewellery as you can.

Your session will take up to 2 hours. It will start with some questions about your health. Your birth details are important, so if you don’t already know, you may like to ask a parent what the circumstances were and if there were any complications.

The breathing session itself takes about one hour. For the last quarter, there is some receiving time where you have an opportunity to be inspired, guided or gain insights into your life.

There is time to discuss the session and gain clarity on how to maintain a breath practice to carry on the value of your discovery.

Please allow time after your session to relax, rather than going into a hectic itinerary! You may feel like a peaceful time to reflect. And again, drink plenty of water! It is likely that you will be integrating the cellular changes for up to 24–48 hours after your session.

If you have had a breathing session, breath pattern analysis – here is a reminder of the steps for you take!