Nicola Price

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Nicola Price is based in Rottingdean, Brighton, East Sussex.

‘The treatment Nicola gave me went right to the heart of the issues in the body and soul so precisely, so profoundly, and so sensitively. I thank her deeply for being so careful and able to hold so much. I feel blessed to have had such an experience and it has left me straight away able to use it and all that is in it, and to celebrate life more fully.’ Clio Edgington

Nicola Price

I am an explorer. I can’t believe it took me until I was 50 to find the ultimate tool: my breath, to discover the riches of my inspiration!

I discovered breathwork in the form of re-birthing in the late 1990’s (in an intensive 6 month Self Mastery Programme in Brussels). It was rather chaotic and I would fly back home every two weeks to recover from an aching body, with few vocal chords left functioning!

In 2010 in was a very different story at my first Transformational Breath workshop. I knew I had found my calling even before we got to the ‘and now it’s time to open your eyes’ bit at the end. I decided to train and dedicated the next two years to learning and experiencing all that I could. I emerged a fully trained facilitator to, with a new life passion and vocation.

I love exploring the link between the elements of breath/ movement/ touch/ fascia/ heat/ for releasing trauma (the heat element inspired by running workshops in India!).

‘Many people laugh at the concept of being taught to breathe! And yet almost every person that has had a breath pattern analysis with Inspirational Breathing, has found that their breath can be improved, sometimes dramatically.’
Nicola Price

In 2012 I founded Yogagroov which was born out of my passion for yoga and dance. It is a perfect precursor to a breathing session.

In 2013 I founded Inspirational Breathing to incorporate my new findings and ways of working and be able to teach them.

I am so happy to be offering training now. It is what really floats my boat! We launched our first Graduate Breathing Programme in 2014, finishing in May 2015.

My background

I spent 18 years working in corporate training and coaching, culminating in delivering leadership programmes in many countries and sectors of the marketplace. Perfect groundwork for now.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery and chemotherapy. This experience has deepened the respect that I have for the healing power of my breath! It was truly phenomenal and a constant source of relief for me.

I captured the experience of chemotherapy as I went along in the blog

The future

I have an audacious vision, that of sharing Inspirational Breathing with as many people as possible hence the ‘teaching to fish’, rather than just ‘feeding’. This has resulted in my focus for creating an effective and innovative training programme. Apart from my three beautiful children, here I have found my purpose and passion in life! To enable the world to find healing.

My story

‘I had breath apnea at night. At least twice a week I would wake up in the night, gasping for breath, having stopped breathing for goodness knows how long. It was a very unpleasant experience and one that I had no control over. About 6 months into my breathing training I realised to my relief that it had stopped happening.

When I was 7 I was abused by our window cleaner. It was a trauma that, at the time, I consciously buried so deep it was forgotten for years. However, at a cellular level the trauma memory was still there. It was released in time with the help of practitioners gently guiding me over a series of breathing sessions. It feels a relief to be free of that now. I tried resolving it in my mind, talking to councillors and therapists, but it had to be addressed and let go of at a physical cellular level.’
Nicola Price

Personal and Professional Development

BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Release – Certification Practitioner Training

The Bars – Access consciousness

Transformational Breath
Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Nia Technique Green Belt Intensive

Nia Technique White Belt Intensive

Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1
(Jenny Cox)

The Balance Procedure
(Jenny Cox)

Certified Empowerment Coach
– (Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching)

Giving and Receiving Love
1 and 2 (Bill Wigram)

Genos Emotional Intelligence
(Training delivered by IPEC)

Powerful Leadership (Institute of Directors)

101 Way's to Liven up your Training
– (The Training Shop)

Psychology for Trainers(CIPD)

Reiki 2 and 3 (Karuna and Usui)

Reiki 1 (Usui)

Self-Mastery (People Development)
6 months

Power to Lead (People Development)
Power to Lead Voluntary Support Staff

Chartered Institute of Marketing
(Newcastle College)


Nicola has enjoyed working in and discovering the different cultures of the following countries and territories: China, Holland, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, UK (from Glasgow to Jersey!), USA, Virgin Islands.


Inspirational Breathing – Founder

Yogaroov – Founder

Retreat Forward – Co-founder

Next Level – Founder, Trainer and Coach

Third Level – Director, Trainer and Coach

Results International – Solution Director

Nicola Price Associates – Founder – corporate training

Ark Associates – Trainer and corporate training