Tula Massage

The ‘Tula Touch’ in combination with Inspirational Breathing

I experienced a Tulamassage by Louka Leppard in May 2015. It was such an incredible experience I asked if I could train to learn how to work with the body in such a rewarding way. The training was an October start and I launched with the intention of learning to serve the breathwork with the depth of knowledge of the ‘Tula Touch’. I had a feeling that this could be a great combination with the power of breathing.

I qualified on May 16th having completed 50 case studies. My experience of the breathwork and Tula combination is of a perfect fit; increasing the power of the work and really getting even more of a result. As it is said – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It has shown me the effectiveness of preparing in such a way with Tulamassage, the mind letting go and experiencing a deep level of presence and physical attention in preparation for the breathwork.

Watch this demonstrates of Louka giving a Tulamassage to see what what I am talking about!


Linda Zerb

I heard about this massage from Kate. It looks asolutely amazing. Could you let me know how I can book to have one.

Kate Scott

I had an amazing Tula massage with Nicola yesterday , deeply relaxing , thorough and nurturing , physically and internally, highly recommended. Be prepared for a great rest after.

Funda Saleh

I would like to make an appointment to have that massage. I would like to have it during the week days if possible,please do let me know when will you be free? Plus where is the venue? Be hearing from you soon.


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