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This is the foundation of your practice


Add this element of touch to help print moment awareness and direct the breath to physical and emotional holding in the body.


The 3rd session - Movement - Exploring the breath with touch and movement to open up further the into the respiratory system in a very enjoyable way, great rhythm and moves! Breath pattern now feeling different đŸ™‚


Affirm with the power of the breath, a whole new experience of reality. In the present moment, through the streaming in of words, create the inner landscape that is envisioned, intended and created there to be experienced as reality.

Emotions and triggers

Emotions, how to listen to the truth of your feelings and understand the potential triggers that create outcomes that are not useful. Change your experience and shrink the buttons or triggers allowing a completely different outcome; a positive one! The last breath camp module puts all the Inspirational Breathing tools together. A wonderful exploration guided with the breath.

There will be a new up and coming schedule of training online and also as soon as we are mobile, residential Foundation Courses will resume. Please send an email registering your interest to with Interest for IB in the subject line.