Bilateral Mastectomy

A bit about me

Nicola Price, Inspirational Breathing

I am 53 and an explorer. I have found that my biggest challenges inspire my resolve and tenacity to survive in life. I seem to have had many opportunities to dig deep and cling on!

My work is all about well-being and health. Very simply, I combine Breathwork and Yogagroov® (delicious movement to irresistible music), and created Inspirational Breathing, which I teach too. Nutrition and alternative therapies saved me. Many years ago I discovered drug free solutions to having Lupus, the crippling auto immune disease. It has been in remission ever since.

I love what my body does for me and feeling good inside it. It is an incredible vehicle of magnificent design. I respect it enormously.

One of the most extraordinary explorations I have made was attending a cadaver course as part of my continuous professional development (I really wanted to understand the diaphragm and exactly how it looked and worked). It was awe inspiring to see what goes on inside of us and the minuscule detail of every square millimetre. It helped me to understand both the delicacy and robustness of our inner workings.


I call my chemotherapy ‘clearing’, its a better word and describes more clearly what I like to think of it as doing! It is giving me peace of mind that all the possible cancer cells that may still be roaming after my surgery, are swept away. It feels good imagining it that way.

My treatment

I had a bilateral mastectomy on October 17th 2014. I started clearing on 6th January 2015.

The chemicals and the cycles –
• I have 4 cycles 3 weeks apart of Cyclophosphamide and
Herceptin – I am on a trial of either 6 months or 1 year.

I have learned so much from other people and my own discoveries and am sharing information that as a whole, I have not seen anywhere else. A really SUPER healthy approach that is very grounded and so far WORKS for me. I hope it helps anyone in a similar situation or healing crisis, their family and friends. I know from my husband Mark’s experience, sometimes it can be more difficult looking on, witnessing and supporting, and with my 3 grownup children, they have all been very involved in my decision making and care.

Why listen to me!?

I am an outrageous optimist. I was all set to follow an alternative healing route with breath work as a foundation, with no mainstream approach. But I have had cancer before and I needed ‘the best insurance policy against a recurrence’ option. I researched and asked a lot of questions including the knowledge of my first cancer surgeon,  David Browell,  from 20 years ago, a trusted friend, who has taken over 5 thousand women through breast cancer. So I listened and researched and let go of a ton of fear (at the very thought of chemotherapy I wanted to wade out into the sea and not come back). I am now fully equipped and embracing this conventional route using all the fabulous support in my community of healers, balanced with a brother who is a cancer research scientist in the biotech industry and his wife a pathologist (they are seriously clever people and have access to the very latest research), and I have my voracious appetite for exploring, learning and discovering what actually works and what doesn’t. I just love efficiency and clever solutions.

I know my approach is working!

My first appointment with my acupuncturist 3 days after my first clearing, found my pulse to be the best he had ever felt of anyone going through chemotherapy. His student of 2 years said with incredulous wide eyes, it was the best pulse she had ever felt! I feel I am in pretty good shape.

This time is proving to be the most physically and emotionally challenging experience of my life. One where I am having to dig so damned deep for the resources to deal with the levels of despair and fear AND also at the same time, I am finding immeasurable joy and healing.

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An inspirational blog and valuable to all those facing the difficult decision of what treatment to follow. In particular in showing how there doesn’t need to be a choice between ‘alternative’ and ‘conventional’ approaches to fighting cancer, but that you can fight it on many fronts.


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