Chemotherapy help

Chemotherapy help and helpers

Huge gratitude goes to many people who have helped in my Chemotherapy / Clearing.

Herbal Consultant, Julia Behrens.

Lucy Hill has inspired me with her nut mylks and nutrition.

Raw Living is where I have bought my hemp seeds and lots of other goodies.

Organic broccoli seeds were from Sky Sprouts. Thank you Leo!!

Broccoli seeds

Broccoli seeds sprouting in my kitchen

Bridget Ann at Bikram In The Lanes has been so supportive with my yoga practice in my healing journey.

Gift ideas if you want to support someone going though chemotherapy

Michelle at Rocksea Beauty has been a complete darling and given me a free facial treatment to pamper me before every treatment cycle!

My daughter Harriet has given me house cleaning as a gift!!
The Green Cleaner has been BRILLIANT!!

My daughter Eleanor has wrapped up gifts and I have a big bag that I head to when I am feeling grotty and in need of a lift of spirits. Works every time.

Lovely Helena brought over a whole meal and we sat and had a great dinner party together. I didn’t have to lift a finger or leave the house.

Thank you Annabel for the taxi service to and from the Cancer centre. It is a long day and the parking is a no-go for sanity.

Haskel Adamson took me though the healing of my bilateral mastectomy invaluable for scars and lymph challenges.

Emma Hawaizi – Graduate student of Inspirational Breathing and Laughter yogi –
A great combination of a laughter session (much needed) followed by Inspirational Breathing.

David Bennet, the excellent acupuncturist in Rottingdean.

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