The journey outcome and path of growth

It is a while since my last posting. Not an IT fan, and now seeing the stretch of hurdles, very grateful for the support posting in the past!!

I am flying solo now and free as a bird and so happy to say, enjoying the unfolding of a perfect path for teaching me all that needed to be addressed. I look back on the whole cancer journey with awe. It was intense, painful and liberating. I survived physical and emotional challenges that could have taken my breath away!! It took my personal breathwork practice deeper and wider, so far reaching, and in the process allowed the clearing of trauma as I faced old and new.

The experience cracked wide open the fissures of my marriage. Now divorced, I see that path was rich with growth. It showed me my tribe of support in family and friends who came to the fore and taught me how held and loved I am.

My experience of mastectomy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy sharpened the tool of breathwork. It has given me an even stronger passion and deeper devotion; creating support for anyone who needs to learn the power of the breath, choosing life, healing, personal empowerment and a desire to use the really shitty stuff to compost down and manure it up! Big growth opportunities and letting go of pain in all its forms.

I have an amazing tattoo!! I love it. I chose not to have reconstruction; instead ‘creating’ on the blank canvass of my chest, a strong image of phoenix from the ashes.

I am just about to give a demonstration and run a workshop at the Trew Fields Festival. The UK’s first Holistic Heath and Cancer Awareness Festival. It is this weekend, 7th and 8th July 2018. SO it is a great time to tie up the loose end having stopped my posting here abruptly … and finish my story. A good one for me!

I’ve added a photo of me and my tattoo with the lovely Daisy Ellison who is soon to be an Inspirational Breathing Practitioner! I’m so happy breathwork is growing and spreading out into the world, giving people a choice.

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