My third week of chemotherapy


21st–27th January

In summary – my third week of Chemotherapy…

This week was a great week, I am feeling like a normal person, with no inner nervy sludge feeling, no sickness, just a bit of tiredness.

I once went to an exhibition at the Tate Modern where there was an installation video clip of a woman lying on the floor with a sofa on her head. She was making a really odd moaning sound and then in the next clip the sofa was being removed and she was saying something like – “ohh that feels better!”. So the third week is a bit like having the weight of a sofa removed … Which might account for the wave of peace and pure joy in the relief and respite felt. I now know that these clearing cycles are all manageable; the whole terrain of the 3 weeks has been mapped and experienced with the ups, downs, twists and turns.

It is the weirdest situation, feeling as close to normal, but my hair started falling out … everywhere. It got in my laptop keyboard, my eyes. The bath was coated. So soon! I am a bit relieved knowing that the treatment is evidently working well and doing its job … but by the end of this week I am bald as a coot. I went down to about an inch all over with a dinky little fringe but by the next day even that was too much and Mark shaved my head.

Chemotherapy cropped hair.

Stage 1: close cropped hair with dinky fringe.

Chemotherapy hair loss - shaved head.

As bald as a coot!


My second week of chemotherapy

Week 2

13th–20th January

chemotherapy turban

See video at bottom of this post

I am so heartened by the feedback and encouragement for this blog! Thank you. It has been so very challenging to write through the fog and weirdness. So I make sparse notes and then write when the mist clears … so a bit choppy on the flow … but I get so excited about capturing the gems that I think can be a life changer here. See *


My first week of chemotherapy


My first week of Chemotherapy = ‘Clearing’

First week of Chemotherapy

I am euphoric … I have made it to the end of my first week of chemotherapy and it has been quite a journey of big downs and a few ups and periods of numbness staring straight into the relentless unfolding moment!

It is the most extraordinary experience I have ever approached. Writing a diary is really helpful for me, (I forget so quickly!) and I decided to share here ‘the first day and night’ experience and some excerpts, highlights and summarising bits.

Everyone responds differently to chemotherapy and timescales are diverse. SO some of the elements that I write about may not be of interest, so I will make it as clear as possible and headline different areas. Just skip the bits that don’t float your boat!