Spotlight on Ann Coxhead who works with singers and performers

I was truly honoured to have been Nicola‘s first graduate back in 2014 and have spent 5 glorious years working with the breath.

I then trained with Jacob Lieberman an Osteopath who is equally highly respected in Larnygeal manipulation. I discovered that the two together can release the voice! It’s a perfect way to unlock years of dysphonia, loss of range, globus, huskiness and loss of stamina. It helps build performance potential and audience connection true to the authentic self; letting go of the holding patterns and gaining access to the underlying cause that is then cleared with the conscious connected breath. Link to her on Practitioners page of the website.

Case study

A client presented with a poor range in her trained voice and was having to force out the top notes.This was causing pain in her larynx and jaw. She had suffered a bad cold several weeks back that had caused laryngitis. After taking a full case history I discovered that her Grandmother had died several months ago and for various family issues there had been much stress.

This was now causing enormous strain on her performance ability and she was beginning to loose confidence in her voice.

I was able to treat her larynx more effectively as the magic of the breath helped to release the tension in her throat, jaw, diaphragm and belly enabling the laryngeal manipulation to be more effective. She is now back to performing with confidence!

Fantastic and professional

As a performer and someone who struggles with vocal stamina the 2:1 breathing has a huge part in getting some of that stamina back for me. Ann is clearly very experienced with performers and knows exactly what’s going on with my body just from watching me stand and sing for 30 seconds. I would recommend her to performers 10 times over.