Gayatri Mantra chanting

7.30am – 8.00am

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A morning chant to set you up for the week!


Instagram Jump ins

8.30am – 8.45am

7.30am – 7.45am – Move and Breathe

5.30pm – 5.45pm – Breathing Connections Meditation

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Breath Camp – monthly subscription

7.30pm – 9.00pm
11.00am – 12.30pm

These sessions are for you if you have completed the Foundation modules 1 to 5 (each available here)

Please email for further details or the Zoom code when you are ready.


One to One Sessions

A one to one session is now possible and available with practitioners via Zoom.

There can be great advantages to receiving in this way. I would never have thought it, but it can be just as powerful as in situ, present with a practitioner.

My direct experience and the excellent feedback we are receiving is that:

  • it is empowering for an individual to feel that they are more involved in the session, in terms of creating the space at home. Having said that, the space is still held very much by the practitioner.
  • there is more likelihood of an understanding of the power of a solo breathing practice after the session.
  • the familiarity of home can be nurturing.
  • after the relaxation at the end of the session, being able to ‘stay put’ and not have to travel anywhere is a great benefit!

One thing to be aware of:

  • in creating your space for the session at home, there is a need not to be overheard and for us not to be interrupted. In a house full of people this can be difficult to achieve and sometimes pets like to have a role here!

I was very resistant at first and would never have gone down this route before now! I am amazed as the world has opened up to us all individually and in groups. I have been delighted by the results of using Zoom, enabling the connection with just one person or to a large group.

Zoom 1:1 “Wow, Nicola has totally blown me away!”

Wow! My 1:1 zoom breathe session with Nicola has totally blown me away. If you are considering a session for yourself, I say ‘do it!’ Even though we were physically miles away, via Zoom I felt safe, kindness, trust and never judged by Nicola. The words are hard to find to do justice to Nicola’s amazing work and to my state afterwards, which was like nothing I had experienced before…. it was blissfully awesome! While fine tuning my breathing technique and enabling releasing through sound, touch, affirmations and verbal queues throughout, Nicola held nurturing space for me. This enabled me to shift physical tension, change longstanding habitual beliefs that no longer served me and from the moment I came back in the room feeling ‘beautifully bombed out!’ I have kept the feeling of deep relaxation. I feel more free. I experienced much tingling within my body along with a new and pleasant sensation of healing and expansion within my torso, chest and neck. Everything inside felt more spread out. I am excited for my next breathing practices both on my own and with Nicola and her ever growing lovely tribe! The time is now….. be the change xxx

Val Bark

All offered on donation basis:

Important Information

How to prepare for your online session

Welcome and great that you are exploring Inspirational Breathing online. To make sure you achieve the most value, please:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and loosen belt and bra.
  • Prepare your space: Make sure it is warm enough. Have a mat and blanket or you can be on a bed or flat sofa.
  • Have a glass of water and clean tissues handy.
  • Position your lap top or phone camera in a way that you are visible so that you can be seen and guided. If you don’t want to be seen, please switch your camera off.
  • Make sure you will not be disturbed: Inform others in the house that you are on a zoom session, close the door, switch off your phone call function.
  • Before the session: Go the toilet, avoid consuming any alcohol or intoxicating substances and do not eat a large meal 2 hours beforehand.
  • You might like to consider having another person around in the house who knows what you are doing and that it may bring up emotions.
I’m speaking to people NEW to breathwork

I don’t recommend people new to breathwork launch themselves into conscious connected breathwork that may induce altered states of consciousness online. There will be clarity on how to calm the nervous system if strong emotions come up. Please be aware that this might happen and keep yourself in your comfortable bandwidth of releasing what ever comes up for you. Reverting to nose instead of mouth breathing is key here.

What might happen with a conscious connected breath?

  • tingling
  • dizziness or light headed
  • trembling or shaking of limbs or parts of the body or whole body
  • other physical sensations
  • emotional experiences
  • REMEMBER you can always go back to your own breathing at any time
Contraindications for conscious connected breathing online

Breathwork results in certain specific physiological changes. The work that we are doing in these Zoom calls  designed to give you the tools to manage every day stresses and it is not designed to unearth deeply held trauma. Please contact an Inspirational Breathing Practitioner that is willing to offer 1 to 1 sessions on line.

As a precaution, the following conditions are contraindicated, please understand your limitations if you have any of the following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Detached Retina
  • Glaucoma
  • High Blood Pressure (not controlled with medication)
  • Cardiovascular disease including angina, previous heart attack or stroke.
  • Diagnosis of aneurysm in the brain or abdomen
  • Uncontrolled thyroid conditions and diabetes
  • Asthma – if the client is asthmatic, ask them to bring their inhaler to the session.
  • Epilepsy
  • Prior diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or previous psychiatric condition.
  • Hospitalisation for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis within the last 10 years.
  • Any other medical, psychiatric or physical conditions which would impair or affect ability to engage in any activities that involve intense physical and/or emotional release.

Take the breathwork very gently and consider if it is best for you to be lying down or sitting up as you practice breathwork. You take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.