Outstanding practitioners using the power of the breath to empower communities to enjoy perfect health and happiness

Nicola Price – Founder of Inspirational Breathing 

When I came to breathwork in 2010, I knew I had found my calling. I first trained with Transformational Breath then with Giten Tonkof in his Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System, dedicating my life to learning and experiencing all that I could.

My background in professional coaching and corporate training was the perfect groundwork for sharing my passion. I’m so happy to be building a tribe of talented breathworkers to help others find their freedom through the breath. 

If you wish to explore breathwork as a potential profession, I offer 1-2-1 sessions so you can experience Inspirational Breathing for yourself. 

Salina Dutton

I remember how the first time I discovered this practice, I was blown away by the experience. I knew immediately I wanted to become a practitioner, to share this practice with others, though along the way, it has drawn me down my own path of inner exploration. The breath never ceases to surprise and amaze, by its power to release trauma, old holding patterns, and stored emotions from long ago; to transform and to heal; to invoke a spiritual journey, beyond ego. This powerful practice needs to be experienced.

I practice in Manchester and the surrounding area.


Solenn Moison

The discovery and daily practice of connecting my breath consciously has not failed to completely transform all areas of my life. I believe that the way we breathe is a direct reflection of the way we live, and wish to inspire women to set themselves free using the power of their own breath. I use a combination of breathwork and other intuitive therapies to support healing. 

Solenn offers Inspirational Breathing in London, South East England, France and Goa both in English and French.


Lisa Sibley-Pollitt

My conscious breath is the best way to bring peace and balance in my life. It allows me to connect to who I am and all that I can be. I am very lucky to be able to share this inspiring practice with others. You too can heal, let go and find deep emotional stability. Lets move into a happy and fulfilling life, one breath at a time.

Lisa offers Inspirational Breathing in Cambridge, East of England and London.


Ann Coxhead

I discovered a 2to1 connected breath about six years ago, when I luckily was introduced to Nicola. Now I work with it daily combined with 38 years of Osteopathy and working with the body. A magical combination to naturally unfold physical and emotional holding patterns. Your breath holds your journey and weaves it into your muscles and being. Enjoy just letting go and the freedom and space that follows .

Ann offers Inspirational Breathing in Brighton.


Alice Richardson

Conscious connected breathing is the number 1 most simple, effective and powerful tool you can use for a present, calm and centred being. I’m in complete awe of this beautifully grounding process and seeing where you allow the breath to take you. I feel so blessed to be able to share this amazing technique with others… come and try the magic for yourself!

Alice will be qualified in January 2019 and offers Inspirational Breathing in South East England, Asia, Canada and New Zealand.


Carl Faure

Carl offers Inspirational Breathing in London at his Yoga Studio Stretch.


Kerry Dowson

I LOVE breathwork, I LOVE osteopathy. I LOVE my work. 

Breathe, really? What are you talking about, I know how to breathe – but do you? Come and explore this deep journey, the release, the blossom, the magic .  

Profound change in a held and safe place, no explanation needed. Breath is what it’s all about; combined with structure, function and deep understanding and empathy.

I work in London, an Osteopath, but when breathwork happens it’s because the time is right for you.  I invite you to explore your breath for you, now. 


Melanie Lacy-Fewtrell

I love Breathwork – it is a total game changer!!! Through experience of other modalities such as; reiki, cognitive therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing, & hypnotherapy, I realised that breathwork for me was the most invaluable tool in helping individuals deal with blocked emotions as well as learning techniques to empower themselves to live with more freedom & joy.  I am passionate about helping others become happier physically, emotionally, spiritually, & importantly feeling comfortable in their own skin.

Just outside Brighton – in Steyning, West Sussex



More Graduates are in the process of fulfilling their commitments to becoming an Inspirational Breathing practitioner. Currently they are located in the UK and India (Goa).