The Power Of A Conscious Connected Breath

Outstanding practitioners using the power of the breath to empower communities to enjoy perfect health and happiness

Our vision

Training is at the heart of Inspirational Breathing. Creating outstanding practitioners who use the power of the breath to serve their communities and help their clients to transform their health and happiness.

Our vision is one of championing self sufficiency; teaching individuals about their breath and how to navigate a breathing practice to build and maintain their personal power. Inspirational Breathing practitioners create a safe and held environment, guiding the release of layers of pain and confusion using a powerful mix of tools and techniques to make space for more freedom and joy. 

The Tool

Inspirational Breathing fully opens up the respiratory system (sometimes for the first time ever) and floods the body with life-affirming energy.

Inspirational Breathing uses a powerful mix of tools and techniques to encourage a free-flowing breath using the whole of the respiratory system.

Inspirational Breathing creates a safe environment to release any layers of pain and confusion and find the joy, laughter and bliss that are waiting to be rediscovered.

When working with a practitioner you will be guided through the chatter of your mind into the sublime healing of the present moment.

Our Approach

The below tools are used in combinations for maximum effect. The practitioner intuitively guides the client through what is required, depending on what is presented and unfolding in each moment.


Inspirational Breathing is a conscious connected breath which means no pausing between inhale and exhale, exhale and inhale, much like that of a baby’s breath. This results in an effortless flow and a relaxed exhale. It involves the whole of the respiratory system, belly to chest, using the diaphragm, your primary breathing muscle. Note there is no mention of the shoulder muscles here and yet so many dysfunctional breathers use theirs! The power of this breath helps to clear old trauma held within the body.


Specific sound vibrations are used for different areas of the body, focused around the seven main chakra energy centres. A powerful sounding on the exhale can clear sluggish or stagnant energy. Making primal sounds can be liberating and also engage the reptilian part of the brain, enabling the release of the emotional charge held deep within the body.


Emotional charge from trauma creates blocks in the fascia (the network of connective tissue pervades every organ and tissue throughout the body). The blocks are encouraged to release through different types of touch. Working alongside the breath in specific ways, this combination is a powerful part of Inspirational Breathing.


From full body shaking to static Yin Yoga poses, various movements are used to open up specific areas of the body to release. It can change the energetic state and flow, encourage a more dynamic breath, help to rebalance the nervous system and encourage you to stay present in the breathwork process.


During breathwork a deeply receptive alpha brainwave state is achieved where the unconscious mind absorbs suggestion, allowing us to use positive words or statements to reframe old stories and beliefs that no longer serve. For example, “It’s safe to surrender and trust” may relax the individual and overcome old holding patterns of fear and not being able to let go.

Nicola Price

I am an explorer. Yet it took me until I was 50 to discover the ultimate life tool available: my breath!

When I came to breathwork in 2010, I knew I had found my calling. I first trained with Transformational Breath® then with Giten Tonkof in his Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System, dedicating my life to learning and experiencing all that I could.

My background in professional coaching and corporate training was the perfect groundwork for sharing my passion. I’m so happy to be building a tribe of talented breathworkers to help others find their freedom through the breath. 

If you wish to explore breathwork as a potential profession, I offer 1-2-1 sessions so you can experience Inspirational Breathing for yourself. You can book in with me here.

During my session with Nicola I felt like I was being bathed in honey as a blissful state ensued. Part of it was emotional as old stuck stuff just faded away and part of it was physical, leaving me energised and calmer for a long time. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn a powerful and gentle way of accessing inner resources you may not even know you have.

– Anne Francis, Dance Fitness Teacher

That was one of the most profound and divine (literally) experiences I have had in my life so far. This is one of the best days of my life.

– Antje Gern, Flamenco Dancer 

“At the beginning of the session, Nicola said this was magic. In truth I didn’t believe her because I’ve been searching for the magic to unlock all the hurt and find peace for so long. She was right. This is magic. I have found what I’ve been looking for! Thank you Nicola, you’re an inspirational healer.”

– Penny Cross, Lawyer