The power of the breath. Simple, sustainable and a total game changer.

Welcome to Inspirational Breathing!

We are a training organisation dedicated to helping you discover the simplest yet most powerful healing tool available to you – your breath.

We use a conscious, connected breathing technique to remove unhelpful patterns of behaviour and release deeply-held layers of trauma and pain.

When you retrain your breath, you learn how to live with freedom and joy. We can show you how to rediscover the fully-flowing breath you were born with.

A flavour of what Inspirational Breathing is all about.

Chris Baker from We Move spent the day with us and captured us in action! 

Ways to experience
Inspirational Breathing

Whether you’re new to breathwork or drawn to make it a profession, there’s lots of information here to guide you.

You’ll find tools and tips to get to help you know and improve your breath. And if you want to explore and go deeper, we offer individual sessions, workshops, deepening retreats and practitioner programmes.

Individual Sessions

Find out what your breath says about you.

Discover the places where your breath may be shut down or constricted and find ways to encourage a full flowing healthy breath.

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Inspirational Breathing workshops are offered regularly at wellness and yoga centers all around the world, specifically in the UK and Goa, where most of our trainings take place.

This summer we will be at ‘The Studio’ in Brighton for 2.5hour guided breath journeys on:
Sunday 16th June
10:00 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 16:30
Sunday 18th August
10:00 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 16:30 

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Foundation Programme

Exploring and deepening all aspects of your breath, body and the connection with your life patterns and deepest being. In this program you will learn how to facilitate yourself in an all-in breathing session and integrate this incredible healing modality into your life. 

Brighton, UK

19th – 23rd May 2019

13th – 15th / 20th – 21st  July 2019
(Long Weekend + Weekend) 

Goa, India

14th – 18th November 2019

Foundation Programme details

Graduate Programme

A transformational deep diving course to prepare and qualify to become an Inspirational Breathing Practitioner. A period of time, completing family and friends case studies, and a final practical session with master practitioner Nicola Price is required before professional work can commence. There is no requirement to be part of Inspirational Breathing, as skills can be taken and adapted to suit each individual’s needs and life / work experience.

Graduate Programme details


How profound can this be you may be wondering. The experiences I had from this week have released trauma and unproductive patterns held for over 23 years. I feel lighter, clearer and more assured in the connection between mind, body and absolutely spirit.

– James, WeMove magazine

That was one of the most profound and divine (literally) experiences I have had in my life so far. This is one of the best days of my life.

– Antje Gern, Flamenco Dancer

During my session with Nicola I felt like I was being bathed in honey as a blissful state ensued. Part of it was emotional as old stuck stuff just faded away and part of it was physical, leaving me energised and calmer for a long time. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn a powerful and gentle way of accessing inner resources you may not even know you have.

– Anne Francis, Dance Fitness Teacher

“At the beginning of the session, Nicola said this was magic. In truth I didn’t believe her because I’ve been searching for the magic to unlock all the hurt and find peace for so long. She was right. This is magic. I have found what I’ve been looking for! Thank you Nicola, you’re an inspirational healer.”

– Penny Cross, Lawyer