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3 Top tips for a healthy free flowing breath – find out how by clicking on the icons below...

Make sure your inhale travels firstly right down to your lower belly

From there, feel the whole of your respiratory system in action, so you can feel movement right up to your collar bone. Make sure you have a diaphragmatic breath. That means you use your diaphragm, which is your primary breathing muscle, not your chest muscles which are your secondary breathing muscles. (Asthmatics can tend to be chest breathers.)

your jaw

Many people have so much tension in their jaw that it impedes their breathing. (Do you grind your teeth at night?) EXERCISEMassage your jaw as you open and close your mouth wide. Feel the tension and observe the painful areas, relaxing them as you massage.

Let go of any control on your exhale

You don’t need to control your breath. For example, observe how a baby breathes.

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Inspirational breathing was created by me, Nicola Price, in 2013. My vision is to make the information and experience accessible to empower people to lead a healthy and rewarding life by discovering the power of their breath.

Be a part of the growing Inspirational Breathing community, stay tuned, get in touch and tell us your hopes, fears, ideas, and hopefully see you in the fullness of time.

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‘That was one of the most profound and divine (literally) experiences I have had in my life so far.This is one of the best days of my life.’

‘At the beginning of the session, Nicola said this was magic. In truth I didn’t believe her because I’ve been searching for the magic to unlock all the hurt and find peace for so long. She was right. This is magic. I have found what I’ve been looking for! Thank you Nicola, you’re an inspirational healer.’

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‘I’ve seen Chiropractor, Osteopaths, Deep Tissue Massage and none have worked as well as this.’

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‘Many people laugh at the concept of being taught to breathe! And almost every person that has had an analysis of their breath pattern by me, has found that it can be improved, sometimes dramatically.’
Inspirational Breathing

‘The reorganisation of breathing alone succeeds only to the degree that we succeed indirectly in improving the organisation of the skeletal muscles for better standing and better movement.’
Moshe Feldenkrais